Behind the Blog

Introspection from a future South Asian Woman in Business!

Our identity –who we are, our values, goals, etc.– is essential to understanding what our purpose in life is. Reflecting on our identity helps to guide us through obstacles, as well as to find inspiration to become our best selves.

My name is Nithya Mullapudi, and I am a passionate high school student aspiring to go into business. This blog is my way of being able to showcase both my heritage and ambition, through promoting South Asian Women in business who are often overlooked and underrepresented. My goal is to highlight South Asian Women in the business industry, promote their products, and increase awareness of inequality and condescendence that women have to go through in this field.

Business is such a vast industry, so I firmly believe that representation is important. There are so many stereotypes that Asians are associated with, and I hope to break those negative ones and highlight the accomplishments of South Asian businesswomen who are paving the way for the future. I want to show South Asian girls and women that there are those who look like them in the business field; that with their background they bring so much diverse opinions, which are essential to changing society for the better.

I selected Modern Chic’s (she-khs) as my blog name to symbolize the individual stylistic choices, the voice, and attitude of blossoming South Asian businesswomen. No two women are ever the same, and I want this blog to be a constant reminder that it’s okay if one seems elegant and shy, while the other is more outspoken. Why? Because it is possible for a woman to preserve her feminity while speaking out on issues she feels need to be changed.

Cheers to a new experience,
Nithya ♡

You can find me on my socials at: @nithyamullapudi on both Instagram and Twitter!