Modern Chic: Falguni Nayar

Discussing overcoming boundaries, societal norms, and encouraging women empowerment!

By: Nithya Mullapudi

Credit: Medium

Falguni Nayar, a former investment banker is now the brain behind one of the biggest companies in India, Nykka. From Mumbai, Maharashtra, and with parents who were businesspeople, she was actively aware of business principles from an early age.

“My father treated me and my brother equally and encouraged me to aim high and pursue my dreams. Even at a young age, I could read balance sheets and insurance statements. At a glance, I could advise my dad about what would work and what wouldn’t.”

– Falguni Nayar on OutlookBusiness

With strong support from her family, she went on to study commerce at Sydenham College and then pursued an MBA from Indian Institute of Management(IIM) in Ahmedabad. At IIM, she met her husband who is her pillar in life. He never held her to unreasonable standards just because she was a women and instead pushed her to pursue her work and life goals first.

“Once, when my kids were young and guests were coming home for dinner, I suddenly had to go to Ahmedabad for work. He encouraged me to prioritize her work and not bother about dinner.”

-Falguni Nayar on OutlookBusiness

After leaving her job at Kotak Mahindra, Nayar wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. The idea for her company, Nykka started after visiting a Sephora store. She was amazed by the number of products, the associates, etc. After launching, Nykka redefined the standard for personal, beauty, and wellness care in India. They bring all sorts of brands and offer all products to meet the demand of consumers while trying to achieve as much success as possible.

Nykka’s name comes from the sanskrit word, ‘Nayaka’ which means actress or one in the spotlight. Because Nykka celebrates the strength and star in each woman when embarking on her individual journey, this name best fit the company goal. Nykka’s vision is to bring inspiration and joy to people, everywhere, everyday. It’s mission is to create a world where consumers have access to a finely curated, authentic assortment of products and services that delight and elevate the human spirit.

I think that Nykka is such a cool idea solely because of the way it brings the target market so many options to choose from. While some can say that can be a bad thing with excess products, it if anything in my opinion allows for people to be able to try more variety products than ones that they are normally used to. Additionally, with products from different price ranges, it also caters to the needs of the consumers so they can choose which best suits their needs.

I think that also that I admire about Nayar, is the fact that she did this at 50 years old and as a woman. There are so many expectations, so many societal barriers that women have to overcome in general and age is always something people criticize upon, so taking that into consideration I think Nykka was very fabulously executed. It is a very exciting company with so much to offer!

If you want to check out Nykka, here is a link to their website:

This is all I had for today’s post and I had an amazing time looking into Nykka. If you liked this post make sure to like and comment! I’ll be back next week with a new post so stay tuned!

Nithya ♡

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